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Casting & Melting

Find a wide selection of Crucibles types for Melting and Casting for Gold, Silver and Platinum. Our Crucible line includes, Fused Silica Ceramic Crucible Dishes, Cups and Casting used for melting small amounts of precious metals. Graphite machined crucibles designed to be used with Melting Furnaces, Induction Melters and Casting Machines. Clay Graphite Crucibles made by Morgan Salamander, “Super” crucibles for Gas and Electric Melting Furnaces. We also carry the Wesgo High Temperature Melting Crucibles commonly used in melting and working with Platinum.

The ceramic Crucibles are made of High Refractory Fused Silica and come from Italy. They are long lasting and withstand temperatures for melting Gold and Silver and other non ferrous metals. The ceramic crucible for metal melting and Jewelry Casting are used with Melting Torch or Furnace Melting. Crucible can be used with Torch and Furnace Melting. We also carry a selection of various Crucible Tongs and Whip Holders for the crucibles.

Our Graphite Crucibles are made in Italy with High Grade Graphite ensuring durability when in use. The Yasui Graphite Casting Crucibles and Valve Rods, Stoppers used with the Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines are all Original from Yasui Japan.

The clay Graphite Crucibles are the Morgan Salamander Brand used by Smelters and Foundry shops, in Melting and Casting of non ferrous metals. We carry a full line of the Salamanders from the small size #1 to the A-40 Clay graphite “Super” crucibles for Gas Melting Furnaces. A range of Graphite crucible that are lined with an outer ceramic shell used for induction machines.

Our High Temperature crucibles are made of VX super refractory material made by Wersgo Morgan Ceramics for high temperature melting and casting, we also carry the soldering Boards and slabs with the VX material.

Along with the crucibles we carry the Stirring Rods made of Graphite, Ceramic Clay and Quartz. We have many other melting accessories and supplies used when melting and casting listed for your convenience.