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Wood Metal Hobby Craft Tools

In this section we have compiled a selection of tools, products and materials from our line especially suited for the Hobby and Craft Trade, for the Do It Yourself enthusiasts...A good selection for Beginner's. Many of these tool products include Sets and Kits that provide for the basics needed to get a good start in the Creative Arts field.

Browse and see Jewelry Making Hand Tools including Hammersand Mallets, Saw Frames and Assortment Packs of Saw Blades, various Holders including Ring and Hand Clamps, Pin Vises, some basic Files and Pliers,as well as Snips and Shears, Dividers, Scribes and Tweezers, and Magnets along with Marking Punches.

Also included is a section for some Wood Carving Chisels and Gouge Sets, Scrapers Carvers and Sanding Blocks.  The sets are ideal for anyone wanting to get started in wood work as a hobby.  You will also find some sets of the Rotary Cutting Burs and Diamond Points that are applicable in Wood and Glass Work.

There are no products listed under this category.