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Jewelry Hand Tools

  • 7" Snip Shears Curved Blade

    Jewelers shear is another basic tool that’s commonly used on the bench in jewelry making and jewelry work. This Jewelers Shear is very useful for cutting circular patterns, round shapes and forms, for Jewelry Making in cutting Soft & Precious...

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  •  Diamond Locking Tweezers

    Diamond Locking Tweezers

    The high quality Regine line of precisian tweezers is designed for handling gemstones. Made of hardened stainless steel and finished in stain or black, extra-sensitive with ridged inside surface. Tweezers measure 160mm (6 ¼”) long, with the...

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  • Flat Nose Pliers with Brass Jaw

    A Flat Nosed Pliers with Brass Jaws enable the user to hold, bend and straighten parts, scratch free. Jaws are brass lined and smooth to prevent marring of finished and delicate parts from damage. For holding parts and objects securely while polishing or...

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  •  Nylon Non-Marring Pliers

    Nylon Non-Marring Pliers

    Pliers are made of sturdy molded nylon and glass fibers These pliers are ideal for wire working, electronics repairs, solid state circuitry, laboratory and medical, jewelry, hobbies and crafts. Weighting only 1 Ounce each. Specification:   ...

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  • 1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    DESCRIPTION: Brass head metal stamping hammer designed for metal stamping, forming and shaping projects. The Brass head is a Ball Peen style with a flat and ball peen. The weight of the hammer is 1pound with an ergonomically contoured handle, with a...

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  • 1 Lb. Brass Hammer W/Short Handle

    DESCRIPTION: A Brass hammer known as "Stubby" has a short rubber grip ergonomic  contoured handle allows for ease of use, pinpoint accuracy and greater control. Holding the hammer in your hand really feels good. The solid Brass Ball peen style...

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  • 1-1/14” Nylon Head Hammer

    Nylon Faced hammer, with a metal body and double sided Nylon heads that are 1-1/4" - 31.5mm face diameters. The plastic surfaces will not mark metals, the nylon head can be sanded and cleaned or even reshaped to specific applications. A handy and...

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