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Machines and Equipment

Our Machine and Equipment line includes the basic products used in Jewelry Repair and Retail Shops to the high production technologically advanced machines used for the production and Manufacturing of Jewelry.

At Jewelers Equipment Tools and Supplies, we offer a complete line of Machinery and Equipment for Jewelers and the Jewelry Trade.

We distribute the equipment for the Jewelry Caster and the Manufacturing Casting houses involved the production manufacturing of Jewelry in the Lost Wax Casting Process.

Find all the basic machines needed and used in any Jewelry workshop or production facility. The basic products, from Ultrasonic Cleaners, Steamers to Flex Shafts used in retail and repair shops to the larger machinery used for large production by Job Shops and Manufacturers.

At JETS Inc. we offer the complete line of equipment related to the lost wax production. The vital aspect of manufacturing jewelry is the Process along with the equipment and technology being utilized for the best possible results.

JETS Inc technical staff can assist you with the lost wax process and supply you with the best equipment for your production needs.

We carry the complete line of products and equipment for Mold Making and Wax Injecting, Vacuum Investing and Casting Equipment, to the Grinding, Polishing Finishing and Cleaning.

Some of the other machinery include Rolling Mills and Draw Benches an other Metal Working equipment. For Metal melting we start with the basic Electric Melters,to a wide range of the CEIA Induction Melters for Production Melting the Gold and Silver Smelting.

Casting room products from basic Centrifugal Casters and small Burnout Ovens , Wax Injectors, Vulcanizers, Vacuum Investing Machines, to the technological advanced and top of the line Casting Equipment for high quality production Automatic Wax Injectors, Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines for Gold and Silver and the VCC made by Yasui for Platinum Casting Machine and Rotating Burnout Furnaces with afterburners.

For the Bench Jeweler we carry a selection of Flex Shaft Motors and Power Tools, some of which are used by Wood Carvers in Woodworking and in Industrial applications.