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Metals Sheet Wire Alloys Solder

Our Metals section covers materials for Fabricating ( Fabrication of metal forms ), Repair Work and for the Manufacturing process materials. We carry different gauges of metals, including Copper, Brass Sheet form Metal and in Wire in spools and Coils made of Pure Copper and Yellow Brass.

Our Copper and Brass sheets are used in hand made Jewelry pieces, in fabrication, for Blanking, Stamping, Forming and fabrication. Wire in the various gauges used for wire wrapping crafts and with beadwork.

We have recently started to add and are offering Metal Blanks in various shapes and materials used in making your own Creative Crafted Jewelry pieces.

For alloying we carry the different alloys to mix with your Gold and Silver to Karat the precious metal from 9K to 18K in Yellow and White Gold and for pure silver as well. You can see Art Casters Brass used in making costume jewelry and parts. We provide and sell alloying components including Pure Copper Oxygen Free, Brass with 80/20 Mix, and Zinc in Pure Form along with Silicone as an additive.

We also distribute Solders for Gold in Sheet and paste form in various Karats and for Silver Soldering in both Sheet and Wire form. The silver solders come in three grades - Soft ( Low Temperature ), Medium and Hard.

Our Metal Department is always adding more products keep us in mind when you need Metals to Make Jewelry in Precious or Non Precious metals. Call our customer service department for assistance.