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Cleaning Solvents and Accessories

  •  Cotton Finger Guards

    Cotton Finger Guards

    Finger cots parts handling are comfortable cotton and elastic finger cots help protect your fingers as well as protect your skin, while adding support and security when holding and handling work pieces. These cotton guards are suitable for use in a wide...

    $5.50 - $7.00
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  • Sparex # 2 Pickling Compound

    Use Sparex® No 2 for removing surface oxidation scale and pickling Gold Silver and Copper based alloys. Sparex® No 2 is an easy to use longer lasting safe replacement for dangerous sulfuric acid in effective cleaning and pickling metals. A...

    $4.20 - $12.95
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    DESCRIPTION: METALTEX CULINARY SIEVE BPA FREE PLASTIC & NYLON MESH 2-1/2" General purpose 100% Plastic with Nylon mesh, this Strainer can be used for Home Kitchen and all around many uses. Strainers are made of durable sturdy plastic non scratch...

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  • Pickle Pot 16 oz.

    Pickle Pot 16 oz.

    DESCRIPTION: Pickle Pot an economical way to remove fire scale and oxidation. You can pay a lot more and never come close to the quality of this pickle pot. Stainless steel, with a stoneware bowl and a plastic lid.  Sure they call it a...

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