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Minature Mandrels Screw Split

  • 1/4" Miniature Mandrels

    Straight Threaded Mandrel with Tightening Nut. Mandrel is made of Steel and finished in Nickel plating. Made in GERMANY. Threaded miniature mandrel is ideal and used for holding rubberized abrasives, buffs, polishing points, cylinders and cones...

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  • ¼” Mandrel Tapered Threaded Screw

    ¼” Mandrel Tapered Threaded Screw

    Mandrel - Arbor can be used with many rotary tools with either an Adjustable Chuck oe with a 1/4" Collet holder, including Hand Drills. The tapered threads of this mandrel will hold and accommodate small Buffing Wheels, Rubberized Abrasives, Polishing...

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