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    DESCRIPTION: BLACK SORTING TRAY PLASTIC DOUBLE SIDED Sorting Tray for DIAMONDS - GEMS - CRYSTALS - PEARLS BLACK Plastic Grooved Double Sided Sorting Tray Made of Plastic the Top Flat Surface has 5  V-Slotted Grooves of various sizes. APPLICATIONS:...

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  • Diamond Washing Cup Glass Jar

    Diamond Washing Cup Glass Jar

    This glass jar is the perfect way to wash diamonds or other loose stones with Alcohol, capacity of the jar is 4 oz. Jar with perforated cup is an easy way to assure proper cleaning. Features an inside metal cup with a rim that is perforated at the...

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  • Gem & Bead Scoop Set of 3 Shovels

    DESCRIPTION: Gem & Bead  -  SCOOPS  / SHOVELS  - Set of 3 Shovels APPLICATIONS: Ideal for scooping Beads, Gemstones, Diamonds, Findings and other small parts and articles. SPECIFICATIONS: Scoop Measures: 2” Width at...

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  • Stone Tray Set of 5

    Stone Tray Set of 5

    Shovel Stainless large sizes Gem, Diamond and Bead rectangular scoops, used to shovel, scoop up and collect precious stones, beads, parts and any small items. These scoops are made of Stainless Steel, shovels are flat and large making it easier to...

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