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Bench Work Tools and Accessories

  • Mini Mandrel Chuck Adapter

    Miniature 4-Jaw Chuck Mandrel adapter, with a holding capacity range of 0 to 1.2mm accessories. Mandrel has a 3/32” - 2.32mm Shank is machined and made of one piece steel, with a tightening nut. Mandrel is like a miniature pin vise that mounts on...

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  • 1/2” Alcohol Lamp Wick

    1/2” Alcohol Lamp Wick

    Alcohol Lamp Wick 1/2" Diameter   Made for Standard and Adjustable Lamps. *Price is for 1 piece SPECIFICATIONS: Wick diameter is 1/2" Length of wick is approximately 6-1/2"

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  • 1/4" Mini Screw Mandrel

    Screw Mandrel Reinforced with 1/4" shank has a reinforced shoulder (5/16" Diameter) and 1/4" Screw to hold wheels. Mandrel is made of Steel and finished in Nickel an "A-1 RATED TOP Quality" product, Made in Germany. This mandrel is used extensively in...

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  • 1/8"  Micro Chuck Mandrel

    1/8" Micro Chuck Mandrel

    Miniature MICRO 4 Jaw Chuck Mandrel adapter, with a holding capacity range of 0 to 1.00mm drills and accessories. (The 3rd and 8th pictures show the chuck holding 1 mm thick wire) Mandrel shank has two holding diameters (a 1/8" and 3/16" Shank), the...

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  • Alcohol Lamp Burner With 1/2" Wick

    A manually adjusted Spirit Lamp made of Glass, 4 ounce size used with Denatured Alcohol is faced for inclining if desired or simply can be used standing upright. The Glass has a container cap with snuffer is made of brass and nickel plated, chained to...

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  • Alcohol Lamp With 3/16" Wick

     A versatile Glass Alcohol Lamp- Burner, also known as a spirit lamp. The Glass container holds 4 ounces of alcohol with a flat base for standing upright flame. Lamp also has facets for inclining if desired. The top cover and wick screw adjusting...

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    DESCRIPTION: 2" ANGLE GRINDER KIT FOREDOM AK69110 ANGLE GRINDER ATTACHMENT FOR USE WITH #30 HANDPIECE Foredom's™ New Angle Grinder attachment is designed for use with the popular H.30 Chuck-Style Handpiece, (Handpiece is not included, Angle...

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