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Benches & Accessories

At Jewelers Equipment Tools and Supplies you can find some of the best Jewelry Making Workbenches. Benches are well designed to meet the requirements that a bench needs to have. See the Bench that serves your needs when it comes to a workbench. We have the Bench if you are looking to do Jewelry Repair, Design Jewelry, or just beginning in Jewelry Craft Work.

The Bench for the Jeweler is the main workstation where it all starts, at Jewelers Equipment Tools & Supplies you can browse and choose your Jewelry Work Bench that best suits you and the works in your workplace, the shop, for the studio or your home, from the beginner to the professional Jeweler.

Our line of Jewelry Making Benches starts with basic models that are portable and easily transported for use wherever you need to set up a workbench to make or repair Jewelry. We have several models that are very practical and spacious with ample drawer space for organizing your tools and supplies. Are you looking for a Deluxe Bench model, a Classic, one that is Sturdy and attractive and makes a statement, take a look at the several top of the line bench designs.

Our benches are manufactured and made under our supervision with local Woodcrafters and woodshops. The Benches are constructed with the use of various wood materials including solid wood butcher block tops, industrial grade particle board, plywood and melamine. Some of the models are finished with a laminate surface top while others are stained. All benches come with a recessed Stainless Steel Plate measuring 6" x 6"x 1/8” on the work surface.

Benchtools, please Browse to see the Jewelers tools for the bench, including Flex Shaft, Motor Hangers, Bench Lamps, Cabinets and Organizers, Bench Pins, Clamps, Magnabars, and GRS Products and Tools.

Please contact us for Special Order Benches or Cabinets.