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Injection Waxes

  • Ferris Pink Injection Wax

    This injection wax is an all-purpose wax, with exceptional smooth surface finish, highly fluidity when melted for easy injection with high level detail and release even with the most intricate molds. Consistently reproduce your molds with perfect results...

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  • Freeman Injection Casting Wax Flakes 1 Pound

    For nearly 40 years, Freeman injection wax has been the industry standard for quality and consistency. Our formulations are renowned for their high pattern detail, rapid wax solidification, minimal shrinkage, excellent flow, and low ash content (.003%)...

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  • Freeman Injection Wax Magna Ject Blue Beads

    Good for the extra thin section, thick section, extra fine detail, difficult draws, self-releasing agent, standard dwell time. Has a very tough and hard rated formulation. Similar characteristics as the turquoise, but the brighter hue allows for a...

    $10.00 - $36.00
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