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Abrasives play a crucial role in the finishing process requires combining technique and method in set steps. Artisans can achieve a lustrous sparkle while contending with various imperfections such as scratches, defects, porosity, deburring. The abrasives material along with the abrading (Sanding / Polishing / Grinding / Cleaning) motion of a surface aids the result in repairs, decorative aesthetics or manufacturing operations. Companies such as 3M produce various forms of precision micron coated graded wetordry sheets allowing for a uniform reduced step process providing and consistent finish. E.C. Moore wheels and discs are effective, flexible and durable for grinding or sanding off excess material in tight spaces. Cartridge spiral rolls mfg. with a resin bond are ideal for removal of casting parting line inside of rings and other tubular parts. All products come in an assortment of grades and grits.

JETS INC. provides a selection of quality abrasives in emery sheets, strips, rolls, cloth, within the jewelry, watch, metalsmith woodwork and lapidary industries. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist any questions for polishing / grinding needs in (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) along with ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as (Stainless, Carbon, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze and Brass).

Abrasives reflect two primary factors. First being the natural minerals and elements it is made from, such as garnets, aluminum- oxide, silicone-carbide, ceramics, diamonds and pumice. Second the type of material used as a backing from heavy use to wetordry applications. Various backings include paper, cloth, and vinyl such as the MATADOR sheets made in Germany an excellent all-round waterproof sheet. Applicable to glass, lapidary stone, plastics, and composites.