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Crucibles and Rods

  • Carbon Stirring Rod Graphite 12" and 24"

    Graphite/Carbon Rod is used to stir your precious metals, scrap metals, while melting. The carbon rod is used when melting metals with Torch, in Gas or Electric Melting Furnaces. Rod is used for stirring and mixing the molten metal in order to get a good...

    $4.50 - $26.95
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  • Cups and Dishes Crucibles Assortment 9 PCS

    Set contains Cup Type Crucibles ALL 4 Sizes and Dish Crucibles ALL 5 Sizes, with this assortment of sizes and types you can melt small and large volumes of Precious Metals - Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Brass.... All of these Crucibles are made in...

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  • Melting Cup Crucible Made in Italy

    Melting Crucible for use in melting Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass and more. It is made of fused silica, can withstand temperatures up to 2500°F/1,371°C. Crucible can be used with a melting furnace or torch melting and pouring. Crucible may...

    $9.25 - $25.95
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  • Melting Dish Crucible Made in Italy

    Melting dish crucible can be used for Melting Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper and other metals. The melting dish can be handled with a Tong or "Whip Handle", dish has a pouring spout.Crucible is made of fused Silica, withstands temperatures up to 2500°...

    $4.65 - $6.95
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