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Polishing Accessories

  • Metal Buff Rake 2" x 4-1/2" Short Teeth

    This is a new size metal rake, referred to as - Rake Blade - Filler - Wheel Rake ...  the serrated metal teeth are much shorter and closer than the original rake filler.   The steel filler measure 2" x 4-/5" and can be...

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  • Metal Buff Rake 2" x 5" Long Teeth

    This is a metal rake, referred to as - Rake Blade - Filler - Wheel Rake ... a serrated metal rake that can be mounted on a 2" wide 5" long with mounting holes can be attached to wooden board and held in-place with screws and nuts. CLEANING OLD COMPOUND...

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  • Buff Rake

    DESCRIPTION: BUFF RAKE FOR CLEANING BUFFING COMPOUNDS FROM WHEELS Buff rake for cleaning buffing wheels, removing built up residue compound from polishing wheel surface. Compound that has accumulated and dried into the buffing wheel can scratch the...

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