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Polishing Accessories

  • Metal Buff Rake 2" x 4-1/2" Short Teeth

    This is a new size metal rake, referred to as - Rake Blade - Filler - Wheel Rake ...  the serrated metal teeth are much shorter and closer than the original rake filler.   The steel filler measure 2" x 4-/5" and can be...

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  • Metal Buff Rake 2" x 5" Long Teeth

    This is a metal rake, referred to as - Rake Blade - Filler - Wheel Rake ... a serrated metal rake that can be mounted on a 2" wide 5" long with mounting holes can be attached to wooden board and held in-place with screws and nuts. CLEANING OLD COMPOUND...

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  • File Card Brush and Remove Collected

    File card is a file cleaner with pick which is designed to remove small particles that clog teeth and reduce the file’s ability to cut properly. A bench tool necessity, a clean file will work best cleaning a file will extend the life of the file...

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