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  • Sparex Pickling Compound

    Use Sparex® No 2 for removing surface oxidation scale and pickling Gold Silver and Copper based alloys. Sparex® No 2 is an easy to use longer lasting safe replacement for dangerous sulfuric...

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  • 1" x 6" Copper Anode

    Copper Anode for use with Copper Electro Plating Solution Specification: Dimensions Overall: 1" Width x 6" Length Thickness: 19ga - 0.045" - 1.16mm

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  • 1" x 6" Nickel Plating Anode

    Pure Nickel Anode for use with Nickel Plating Solution. Specification: Thickness: 24ga - 0.0201" - 0.511mm   Dimensions Overall: 1" Width x 6" Length Thickness: 24ga - 0.0201" - 0...

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  • 1" x 6" Silver Plating Anode

    Anode is Pure .999 Silver anode, to be used with silver plating solution with the use of an electroplating rectifier. This silver anode is be used with silver plating solution. This is a Soluble...

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  • 1" x 6" Stainless Steel Anode

    Stainless Steel Anode for Electro Cleaning, Gold Electro Plating and Electro Stripping by reversing the leads. Stainless steel anodes can be used for a variety of electro-plating processes including,...

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  • Heavy Duty Electroclean Liquid

    Krohn Heavy Duty Electro cleaner is a ready to use solution available in a quart size bottle. It is especially useful for cleaning castings and articles to be plated. The solution removes all grease,...

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