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  • 10" Contour Gauge

    10" Contour Gauge

    The Large size 10" long General Tool Contour Gage used for reproducing complicated patterns is a breeze. This Contour Gauge has 3” deep fingers mold into the shape of any surface, creating a template which can then be used for replicating forms,...

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  • 14" Digital Protractor Goniometer Miter Gauge

    14" Digital Protractor Goniometer Miter Gauge

    Digital Protractor & Rule is an electronic battery operated digital protractor with Stainless Steel 12” (front) and 14” (rear) scale rule blades, the stainless steel arms are graduated in 1/8", 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" for convenient and...

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  • 3" Square 90º Right Angle Steel Square Measure

    3" Square 90º Right Angle Steel Square Measure

    A well made "Value Engineered" priced tool, this small steel square, a machinist and engineers’ type of a right angle tool. A quality tool is milled and well made, 90° square angle for corners. It is a small size for those small scale jobs, a...

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  • 6” General Tool Contour Gage

    Contour Gauge made by General Tool is a 6" Contour Gage, designed for precise surface duplication in woodworking, fine carpentry and other professional genres. Wood-turners find this gauge very useful in reproducing parts, Modelers in Hobby and Craft...

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  • 6" iGaging Precision Double Square

    A 6" precision Double Square, a very well made square, the quality tool with hardened steel blade. Rule is precisely grooved for the Head to slide and lock securely in any position along the blade. Specification: 6" 4R blade with 3.75" base Blades:...

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  • Bevel Square 90º Right Angle Machinist

    A bevel edge square, for a machinist, engineer, designer or a model maker who need the right size tool for the small scale jobs. A high quality tool, that is very well made and precise. Ideal for the design layout, model making or designing work, this...

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  • Degree Gauge

    A mini Degree Gauge with precision ground points and accurate to 0.10 millimeter. Used for accurate measurements of stones and other small objects. Specifications: Overall Length: 4" / 100mm Weight: 1oz. Features: Made of Stainless...

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  • Digital Angle Cube Level Sensor Bevel Gauge

    The AngleCube® is a precision instrument used for measuring angles in which any of its four surfaces may be utilized. A. Digital Level and a Bevel Gauge a 2 in1electronic Gauge. The instrument has a large crystal display, the body is made of alloy...

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  • iGaging 0-6" Digital Multi-Gauge

    iGaging 0-6" Digital Multi-Gauge

    The iGaging Digital Multi Gauge is a versatile measuring tool that combines the function of 3 tools into one: Depth gauge, Height gauge and Thickness gauge. It is an easy-to-use depth or distance gauge suited to a variety applications. The gauge is an...

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  • igaging 10X Optical Measure Loupe + Led Light

    This super high quality scale magnifier from iGaging is illuminated and distortion free. Illumination is provided by 8 super bright LEDs and the magnifier comes with a removable scale for measuring radii and angle length. 1" in diameter. Leather case and...

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