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Brass Hammers

  • 1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    DESCRIPTION: Brass head metal stamping hammer designed for metal stamping, forming and shaping projects. The Brass head is a Ball Peen style with a flat and ball peen. The weight of the hammer is 1pound with an ergonomically contoured handle, with a...

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  • 1 Lb. Brass Hammer W/Short Handle

    DESCRIPTION: A Brass hammer known as "Stubby" has a short rubber grip ergonomic  contoured handle allows for ease of use, pinpoint accuracy and greater control. Holding the hammer in your hand really feels good. The solid Brass Ball peen style...

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  • Brass and Nylon Faces Interchangeable Hammer

    9-1/4" Dual Interchangeable Hammer has convenient interchangeable heads, which include 18 mm brass head and 18 mm nylon head. Why carry around two separate hammers when you only need just one? The brass head can be used for metal work and the nylon head...

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  • Brass Hammer 1 Lb. and 2 Lb.

    Brass hammer for Metal-Smiting, Silversmith Craft, mallet head is made of solid brass. Mallet can be used for hammering of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Hammer is useful in Metal smithing applications for Forming, Dapping and Stamping Cutting operations...

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  • Brass Head Hammer

    Solid Brass Hammer with an easy to hold round shaped hardwood handle, has a good balance and feel that allows user the optimum control. The head of hammer has FLAT faces. The Brass head is attached to the wooden handle with metal pin. An ideal size and...

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  • Large Head Brass and Nylon Hammer

    Hammer/Mallet has Nylon and Brass Heads which have interchangeable faces, mounted on a hardwood shellacked handle. Hammer has one brass and one plastic (nylon) face on the other side, the diameters are 7/8", both of which are replaceable. A wrench for...

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