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  • Fabulustre Polishing Compound

    This compound provides a lustrous finish on all types of precious and decorative metals a versatile compound that allows you to polish most metals. Can also be used with softer metal, plastics and...

    $5.75 - $9.95
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  • Knife Edge White Buff

    Knife Edge Polishing White Muslin Buff has 12 ply’s. Stitched leather and shellacked center with a pin hole, used on tapered spindles. Buff is tapered from the center to a knife edge / razor...

    $2.94 - $4.72
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  • Ring Buff Inside Polishing Stick

    Ring Buff Inside Polishing Stick

    Felt Ring Buffs are used for polishing the inside of rings. Ring buffs are a Jewelry Ring internal polishing buff. Polishing the inside diameter of the ring, the felt will remove any scratches or...

    $3.60 - $4.65
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