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Shears and Scissors

  • 7" PVC Handle Shears Curved Blade

    Jewelers shear is another basic tool that’s commonly used on the bench in jewelry making and jewelry work. This Jewelers Shear is very useful for cutting circular patterns, round shapes and forms, for Jewelry Making in cutting Soft & Precious...

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  • 7" Straight Shears Cutter

    JEWELER’S  7" STRAIGHT BLADE SHEAR METAL & SOLDER CUTTING SNIP GOLDSMITHS SCISSORS A well designed and produced with high grade stainless, heat treated blades for sharp cutting edge.  A well-made snip finely balanced, ergonomic...

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  • Xuron 2193F Hard Wire Cutter Made in USA

    Xuron 2193F Hard Wire Cutter Made in USA

    Hard wire shear has self-adjusting clamping fixtures (Retainer) which hold the material being cut at a right angle to the jaws. Allows flat cuts on both sides with a maximum cutting capacity of 14 AWG (1.6mm), 2193F with Clamp Fixture. Can be used to cut...

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  • Xuron 2196 Hog Ring Cutter

    The Hog Ring Cutter made in USA by Xuron, a Micro-Shear cutting pliers used to snip-n-cut Automotive Upholstery Grade Hog Rings. The shear cutter is a specialty cutting tool that is used primarily by Upholstery and Trim Shops. Cutting effort is minimal...

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  • Xuron 440 High Precision Scissors Made in USA

    Xuron 440 High Precision Scissors Made in USA

    The Xuron 440 is one of the finest pair of precision scissors on the market. This ultra-precise scissor is perfect for cutting fine or delicate items, including materials such as yarn, silk embroidery floss, monofilament or thin photo-etch detail parts...

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