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Woodcarving Kits

  • Foredom K.5400 Deluxe Woodcarving Kit

    Foredom K.5400 Deluxe Woodcarving Kit

    Use Product Options Menu to Select Kit: K.5400 (Deluxe Woodcarving Kit with no Motor Hanger), K.5401 (Deluxe Woodcarving Kit with Bench Clamp MAMH-1 Motor Hanger), K.5402 (Deluxe Woodcarving Kit with Base Mount MAMH-2 Motor Hanger). PrePackaged Tool...

    $395.08 - $456.14
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  • Foredom K.5240 Woodcarving Kit,230 Volt

    Use Product Options Menu to Select Speed Control Power Cord Plug Style: K.5240-21 (United Kingdom), K.5240-22 (Continental European), and K.5240-26 (Australian). CE Compliant options are also available: K.5240-21CE (United Kingdom), K.5240-22CE...

    $326.19 - $357.13
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  • Foredom K.2252 Chisel Carving Kit 115 Volt

    1. Series LX Motor: The LX motor is a permanent magnet motor is specifically designed for high torque/low speed applications, offering more power for jobs like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling. M.LX, M.LXM, and M.LXB ball bearing motors...

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  • K.5240 Woodcarving Kit

    FOREDOM™ 5240 WOODCARVING KIT FLEX SHAFT TOOL KIT for Wood Carvers This Kit contains a Reversible Flexible Shaft Machine, the 1/6 HP variable speed up to 18,000 RPM Ball Bearing motor that runs in standard or reverse rotation. The reverse feature...

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