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Flex Shaft Hanger and Accessories

  • MAMH-2 Double Motor Hanger with Base Mount

    MAMH-2 features a 3-piece hexagonal support rod, top safety hook rod for holding one or two motors and the MABC-2 that screws to top or side of bench. The rod height can be adjusted with the locking screw built onto the base mount. Comes...

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  • Foredom MAHH-30 Handpiece Holder

    Handpiece Holder attachment allows you to hold the handpiece steady and bring work to the work piece to the tool. Will hold these various handpiece models listed below. Handpiece holder comes with the handpiece mount, rod and clamp clamps on to the...

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  • Dual Flex Shaft Motor Hanger

    Dual Flex Shaft Motor Hanger

    Motor Hanger for Flex Shaft Machines is a telescopic adjustable double sided post. Adjustable height ranging from 24" to 46", to suit the desired length. APPLICATIONS: Hanger can be secured to workbench with screws or can be clamped on...

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