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Bench and Accessories

  • 3" Tabletop Swivel Vise

    Jaws are 3" - 78mm wide and are lined with tough non marring Rubber, it will not scratch parts being clamped by the jaws. The Rubber jaws can be removed, the Vise Jaws are smooth metal - one Jaw is completely smooth, the other side is smooth with...

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  • 4-3/4" Double Horn Anvil

    4-3/4" Double Horn Anvil

    A Double Horn Anvil on a round base, has one flat tapered horn and one round tapered horn. It is perfect for forming, flattening, shaping and riveting, has a hole on top for riveting. Horn Anvil is made of forged steel, machined and case hardened with a...

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  • 40 Holes Plastic Bur Holder

     A solid acrylic bur organizer holder base with 40 holes, holds 3/32" - 2.35mm Shank Size Burs, Mandrels, Beading Tools, Mounted Points, Rotary Tools.This is a solid acrylic piece, precisely made by Fox in Germany Organizer - Holder - Solid Plastic...

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  • 7" Long Double Horn Anvil

    7" Long Double Horn Anvil

    LARGE HORN ANVIL WITH HEAVY BASE, made of forged steel, machined and case hardened for Jewelers and Metal-Smiting hand work. Anvil portion is held on a cast iron base. A bench Horn Anvil can be used in shaping, flattening, bending and forming operations...

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  • Bench Horn Anvil Cast Iron

    Bench Horn Anvil Cast Iron

    A durable Anvil weighing 15 pound it is a durable basic work bench tool that can be used for those smaller jobs and many projects. Anvil is portable and can be moved as needed and used in many applications. It is used by Craftsman and Hobbyists, by DIY...

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  • Bench Knife

    This traditional bench knife works well for many purposes, especially scraping and prying. Knife has a sturdy stainless steel blade, mounted in a hardwood handle shaped to fit the hand, stands up well to rugged utility use. Specifications: Overall...

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