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Bench and Accessories

Jewelry benches for Jewelry making and Watch repair workbenches ideal for metal, silver and gold smiths. The bench is the jewelers work station whether you’re a hobbyist, an experienced artisan, an artist trying out a new median to craft or a handy repair shop refurbishing a client’s heirloom keepsake. Making jewelry designs is an exciting platform for an imaginative process. Starting with a quality jeweler’s work bench and various bench accessories including pin tangs along with an essential selection of bench tools. Hardened steel and rubber dapping blocks, forming and engraving sand filled pads in addition to miniature horn anvils use to bend and shape. For holding work pieces choose from a variety of universal vises.

When a lay-out of a work piece design is crucial such as earrings, bracelets, pendants or leather belt buckles use one of the Self-Healing cutting matts with grid line and dimensions for easy pattern outline including an assortment of knife blades for scoring and cutting. Other rubber materials for multi-purpose applications include pre-cut square neoprene, black rubber and high temperature silicone rubber gaskets which are also used in vacuum casting process.

Application where soldering of various metals such as platinum, gold or silver is required, use the helpful Third Hand base with tweezer and or clip holders, magnifier to free up both hands by holding the work piece. Also available is a miniature work station for melting precious and non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper in crucibles or annealing applications using a torch.

Always stay organized, with plier racks, tweezer mag-bars, to your rotating Lazy-Susan for Foredom burs and mandrels. Also ideal for maintaining 3M radial bristle brush, felt polishing points and jewelers micro drills.