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Burs and Drills

At Jets Inc we carry a full range of Burs in various shapes that are suitable for the jewelry industry, as well as for wood and stone carving, in dental laboratories and other craft work. We also have a full range of Jobbers HSS Drill bits, straight shanks and with 3/32” shaft bur type bits. The line includes burs manufactured in several alloys such as the standard Tungsten Vanadium, High Speed Steel, Carbide, Diamond burrs and Drill Bits. All of which come with specified packaging including a selection of assorted kits, and sets containing an assortment of bits for beginners as well as the professional.

Jewelers Burs and Drills are widely used by bench jewelers, in jewelry making and repairs, by artisan, watch repair and hobbyist alike. Working in fine facets of jewelry or other type work that necessitates various detail or intricacy. Performing tedious tasks of removing metal, adjustment and alignment of cavitation, tweaking of hollows within the metal surface. Central in the pro-process of casting in jewelry or silver-smithing.

These rotary cutting tools are mostly available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, most come in 3/32” - 2.35mm shanks, a few with 1/8”.  Ranging from the very small miniature sizes to the large with reference to specific measurements.  They are essential in any Stone, Gem, Diamond, Pearl and Bead setting applications. They are generally used with rotary handpieces, rotary power tools such as Foredom, Dremel or other brands.

We carry several top brands from manufacturers, including Fox Germany, Meisinger, Swiss Maillefer and Busch Burs.  Most bur shanks Some of the various shapes include Round Ball Burs, Hart Bur, Stone Setting, Bud shapes, Twist Drill, Fissure Cone and Tapered as well as Krause, Inverted and pointed cone shape and many more for special applications. 

Stay Organized, keep and store these various styles and sizes of bits in multiple types of holders and boxes made of plastic, wood box having nested holes accommodating shank diameters of 3/32 or 1/8”.  Boxes with compartments to sort various shapes in their original plastic 6 pack cases.