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  • Classic Casting Investment Powder

    Casting Investment Powder for Jewelry Castings 5 Pound Box, CLASSIC™ is made by SRS. The casting powder CLASSIC™ uses the highest quality specially graded raw materials all checked against specification by the SRS QC laboratory. It is ideal...

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  • Silk Casting Investment Powder

    Casting powder SILK™ for high quality Jewelry, is ideal for High Karat Gold and Fine Filigree items. Casting Investment SILK™ is the result of Research & Development by SRS to improve the surface finish of castings and represents the...

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  • Stone Cast Casting Investment Powder

    Stonecast™ is a Casting Investment powder for “Stone-In-Place” casting of wax settings this is the very best in the Industry! The SRS STONECAST™ is made in England and is a special application investment powder and has been...

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