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  • 1 Kilo Electric Furnace Made in Italy

    Melting Furnace Electric with a capacity of melting 1-Kilo / 30-T. Oz. of Gold and 3/4-Kilo / 25-T. Oz. of Silver. Melter has a Digital Control - Automatic Unit. A very well made unit "A-1 TOP QUALITY" with many features that are not available in other...

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  • 1/2 Kilo Electric Furnace Made in Italy

    A State of the Art solid state, very well made a Reliable Melter with many features that are not available in other similar units. *The furnace has a Safety Grill encompassing the heating chamber to protect against direct contact with chamber while it is...

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  • 5/8” Diameter Steamer Water Gauge Valve

    Sale is for 2 valves, the top valve and the bottom valve with the drainage. Valves come with a set of tightening nuts, 2 rubber gaskets and 2 brass washers for installation of sight glass. Applications: This water gauge valve set is used with sight...

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  • Belt Sander Compact size

    Belt Sander Compact size

    Belt sanders are great tools to have in the workshop, speeding up grinding and finishing jobs while allowing you to use both hands so flat surfaces are easy to achieve. This Ikohe belt sander is a compact bench scale design small enough for the jeweler...

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  • Jewelry Steam Cleaner HPJ-2S

    Steamer is built to ASME specifications and is UL listed, incorporating unique features including built-in safety controls. Unit is shipped fully assembled and pre-tested by Steamaster Co. The HPJ2S steamer is supplied with: Electronic Solenoid Control...

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  • Magnetic Tumbler

    Magnetic Tumbler

    Magnetic Tumblers are very effective an automated way to pre-polish and depending on the piece polish to a bright finish especially the undersides of rings, filigree design and prongs, channels and other hard to reach places that take extensive time and...

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  • Steam Push Valve

    Steam Release Push Valve Model 425 - Kingston Quick Opening Flow Control Steam Valve. NOTE: This is a push down release valve, we also carry the pull type (JETS # 2115-5300 see last picture). This valve can be used on any model of steamer that is...

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