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Design and Model Making

  • Natural Pure Bees Wax

    Beeswax has numerous applications, in a variety of products. A firm forming wax used in Candle Making Crafts, Beeswax candles are preferred because they burn cleanly, with little or no wax dripping down the sides and little visible smoke. Bees Wax is...

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  • Sticky Wax Beads

    Freeman / ferris® Sticky Wax a Specialty Wax, is a hard, fast-setting wax used for repairing wax patterns, adhering waxes together, and excellent for joining patterns on casting sprue tree and to the sprue base. Sticky Wax will not hinder melt-out -...

    $8.75 - $16.25
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  • Ferris Mold-A-Wax 1-Lb Red

    No. 6 Red Mold-A-Wax (Soft) - This versatile wax is soft uniquely malleable wax to produce free-form jewelry and sculptures using the lost wax process. Red wax is soft at room temperature of 70°F and can be made more pliable by immersing in warm...

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  • Wax-Carving Detailer and Reamer Set

    Wax-Carving Detailer and Reamer Set

    Phenomenal tools for filing and shaping wax, but also exceptional bead or pearl reaming tools. Our detailers are extremely small to work in tight places and enlarge small holes where necessary. The points have file-like edges to cut smoothly and quickly...

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