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  • American Standard Wire Gega

    Gauge is for measuring wire gage. It is an AWG Standard Wire Gauge from General Tool. The Wire Gage helps you to accurately determine the thickness of American Standard Wire from 0 to 36. The Gage works with all non-ferrous wires, metals and rods such as...

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  • Bur Gauge

    Free Shipping Swiss-made precision gauge of lightweight metal measures bur diameters in ISO sizes 005 to 045.

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  • Drill Gauge

    Fractional Hobby Drill Gage is a useful guide for identifying drill bit sizes. This tool can be extremely helpful when working with older, unmarked drill bits, as well as with bits that are too small to fit diameter markings. The Hobby Drill Gage...

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  • Gauge Multi Use Rule

    A very handy tool to have in the shop or garage, a 5 in 1 tool. This tool is for anyone who likes to do things him or herself! The Multi-Use Rule and Gage is a popular, pocket-sized tool providing a variety of functions. The tool encompasses five...

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  • Protractor Round Head Steel #18

    General Tools heavy duty steel protractors are trusted by machinists and draftsmen worldwide to deliver crucial measurements with unwavering accuracy. APPLICATIONS: The 6" adjustable arm is ideal for setting bevels, taking measurements and transferring...

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  • US Standard Sheet Metal Gage

    SHEET METAL GAGE U S STANDARD GAUGE - GENERAL TOOL 0-36  Sheet Metal Gage measures U.S.Standard sheet metal sizes from 0 to 36. APPLICATIONS: Helps you to accurately determine the thickness of uncoated sheet metal, plate iron and steel...

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