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Bent Nose

  • Bent Nose Non Metallic Pliers

    Free Shipping Bent Nose jaws are bent to 45 degree angle jaw tips are 1/8" thick and serrated. Pliers are lightweight but sturdy, non-metallic composition will protect soft metals from unwanted scratches or dents so often caused by similar metal tools...

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  • Mini Ergonomic Bent Nose Pliers

    A New Line of Mini-Ergonomic pliers this is the Bent Nose Pliers are 4-3/4" - 120mm in length, has a spring return. These ergo handle pliers offer excellent control - in the palm of the hand. The handles of each of the pliers in this line are color...

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  • Xuron 486 Bent Nose 90 Deg Tip Pliers

    Xuron 486 Bent Nose 90 Deg Tip Pliers

    Xuron's 486 Bent Nose Pliers with 90o bent tips are very popular with Chainmail weaving jewelry wire working artists. The bent nose allows for picking up even the small jump rings and easily changeover to an open or close the ring, all while keeping the...

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