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Polishing Compounds

  • Gray Luster Polishing Compound

    Grey Star Polishing Compound is a polishing compound that has been widely used by Jewelers for lapping and polishing. This polishing compound is used by polishers on metals to cut and bring out the color of the material. The Gray Star compound works...

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  • White Luster Polishing Compound

    White Luster Buffing Compound provides a High Luster finish on all types of precious and decorative metals. Its formulation removes light scratches and produces a fast and bright final luster. Bars are rectangular; compound is poured in 1 Lb. mold size...

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  • Picasso Blue Japanese Platinum Compound

    Picasso Japanese Platinum Rouge Pica Blue Jewelry Making Platinum Metal Finishing Polishing Compound. The Picasso compound comes in a round shaped bar, it is a hard and dry compound. The Picasso compound provides an Ultra-bright finish on platinum works...

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  • Fabulustre Polishing Compound

    This compound provides a lustrous finish on all types of precious and decorative metals a versatile compound that allows you to polish most metals. Can also be used with softer metal, plastics and fiberglass. Special formulation removes light scratches...

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  • Zam Polishing Compound

    Zam Polishing compound is formulated especially for silver and turquoise jewelry. Zam Crocus compound provides a lustrous finish, yet doesn’t require the pre-finish a rouge can, a versatile compound that allows you to polish most metals, softer...

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  • Dialux Polishing Compound 1 Bar

    DIALUX® Brand polishing compounds originally formulated in France has been a popular polishing compound for over 50 years.  The Dialux® polishing compounds are a high grade premium line of compounds specifically...

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  • Burns Red Rouge

    Polishing compound Red rouge in a 1 pound bar - a premium grade water based compound formulated to give high luster finish for Jewelry Polishing - especially to Yellow Gold. This is the most popular compound used by Jewelry manufacturers. ...

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  • 4X White Diamond Tripoli Compound

    The 4X White Diamond Tripoli is formulated with light abrasion with a medium cutting ability and is a color enhancing compound. Made in USA. Applications: The 4X White Diamond works well on all soft metals, precious metal such as Gold Silver Copper and...

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  • Brown Tripoli Polishing Compound

    BROWN TRIPOLI CUTTING COMPOUND - METAL BUFFING COMPOUND MATERIAL The Brown Tripoli is formulated for fast cutting, it's composition is made for removing lines and marks on surfaces. APPLICATIONS: Brown Triploi compound works on all metals as well as...

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