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Wax Carving Tools

  • 1/2” Alcohol Lamp Wick

    1/2” Alcohol Lamp Wick

    Alcohol Lamp Wick 1/2" Diameter   Made for Standard and Adjustable Lamps. *Price is for 1 piece SPECIFICATIONS: Wick diameter is 1/2" Length of wick is approximately 6-1/2"

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  • 10 PCS  Wax  Carving Tools Set with Box

    10 PCS Wax Carving Tools Set with Box

    Set of 10 Wax and Clay working instruments for Wax Design, Candle Making and Carving Model Making Jewelry, Dental Lab, Clay and Ceramic Crafts, set come in a wooden Box. Carvers have RED - PVC Coated Handles, makes carving easier with the comfort handles...

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  • Alcohol Lamp Burner With 1/2" Wick

    A manually adjusted Spirit Lamp made of Glass, 4 ounce size used with Denatured Alcohol is faced for inclining if desired or simply can be used standing upright. The Glass has a container cap with snuffer is made of brass and nickel plated, chained to...

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  • Alcohol Lamp With 3/16" Wick

     A versatile Glass Alcohol Lamp- Burner, also known as a spirit lamp. The Glass container holds 4 ounces of alcohol with a flat base for standing upright flame. Lamp also has facets for inclining if desired. The top cover and wick screw adjusting...

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  • Deluxe Wax Carving Set

    This all inclusive 13 piece kit comes in a smart wooden box to keep tools at hand. This set is comprised of our best and most popular wax tools. Virtually everything one needs to design and finish wax models or patterns. Box measures 9-1/4" L x 6-1/4" W...

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  • Wax Tube Ring Sizer

    Wax Tube Sizer is used to enlarge the hole diameter of wax ring models to the correct finger size needed. A hardwood mandrel with a steel cutting blade edge inserted into the tapered section of wooden mandrel makes sizing easy. Wax model is slid on the...

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  • Wax-Carving Detailer and Reamer Set

    Wax-Carving Detailer and Reamer Set

    Phenomenal tools for filing and shaping wax, but also exceptional bead or pearl reaming tools. Our detailers are extremely small to work in tight places and enlarge small holes where necessary. The points have file-like edges to cut smoothly and quickly...

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