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Measuring and Testing

  • 10" Contour Gauge

    10" Contour Gauge

    The Large size 10" long General Tool Contour Gage used for reproducing complicated patterns is a breeze. This Contour Gauge has 3” deep fingers mold into the shape of any surface, creating a template which can then be used for replicating forms,...

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  • 14" Digital Protractor Goniometer Miter Gauge

    14" Digital Protractor Goniometer Miter Gauge

    Digital Protractor & Rule is an electronic battery operated digital protractor with Stainless Steel 12” (front) and 14” (rear) scale rule blades, the stainless steel arms are graduated in 1/8", 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" for convenient and...

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  • 3"  Divider with Carbide Tip

    3" Divider with Carbide Tip

    Divider with Carbide Tips a Precision Toolmakers Dividers with Round Legs, Spring Steel Joint and Solid Nut is the ultimate in precision, well-made quality tool. Made in USA The legs are rounded on the outside and ground flat on the inside as they taper...

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  • 3" Square 90º Right Angle Steel Square Measure

    3" Square 90º Right Angle Steel Square Measure

    A well made "Value Engineered" priced tool, this small steel square, a machinist and engineers’ type of a right angle tool. A quality tool is milled and well made, 90° square angle for corners. It is a small size for those small scale jobs, a...

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  • 4" Flat Leg Spring Dividers

    Standard 4" Spring Dividers used for measuring distances between points and scribing circles or arcs. A basic tool that is used in layout and design work, in a variety of applications in workshops. This is a 4" flat leg divider well-made fine finish,...

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  • 6” General Tool Contour Gage

    Contour Gauge made by General Tool is a 6" Contour Gage, designed for precise surface duplication in woodworking, fine carpentry and other professional genres. Wood-turners find this gauge very useful in reproducing parts, Modelers in Hobby and Craft and...

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  • 6" iGaging Digital Compass & Divider

    The DiGi Compass+ Divider is a 2 in1tool, a precision drawing and marking instrument. There is no estimation with this tool, with a large digital LCD display, that provides 3-Way readings in Inches, Fractions, and Millimeters with a touch of a button...

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  • 6" iGaging Digital Caliper

    The newest Caliper from iGaging, the SMART wireless Origin Cal “Absolute Origin Encoder Caliper” with Wireless Data Output. Origin Digital Caliper by iGaging uses SUPER HIGH ACCURACY ABSOLUTE memory technology. This model has built in data...

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  • 6" iGaging Fractional Dial Caliper

    A 6" Dial Caliper with Dual Measuring in Fractions and Decimals, made from hardened stainless steel for durability and accuracy. Caliper has a large clear dial accurately reads in inches to 0.01", has an adjustable bezel for zero setting. Instrument also...

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  • 6" iGaging Precision Double Square

    A 6" precision Double Square, a very well made square, the quality tool with hardened steel blade. Rule is precisely grooved for the Head to slide and lock securely in any position along the blade. Specification: 6" 4R blade with 3.75" base Blades:...

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