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Ring Stretcher

  • Premium Ring Stretcher

    Italian Style Ring Stretcher Enlarger and Band Reducer Jewelry Repair Sizing Bench Tool, stretches and reduces Gold and Silver Bands. The upright stretcher portion has 6 splines which provides for a smoother and rounder stretching of the rings with less...

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  • Rathburn and Wooden Ring Mandrel

    RATHBURN RING STRETCHER & WOOD TAPERED MANDREL RING ENLARGER TOOL & RING HOLDER A Set of the Ring Stretcher and a Wooden Tapered mandrel. APPLICATIONS: Place the ring on the stepped collet, choose the size that the rings fits onto, then place...

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  • Rathburn Ring Stretcher

    A Ring Stretcher, a basic way to enlarge jewelry rings, is the most economical and simplest method to stretch rings and it is easy to use. The Rathburn fixture consists of 2 parts, a steel Collet Multi-Stepped Mandrel and Tapered Pin Expander. Place the...

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