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Tools and Supplies

Browse and see our full line of Jewelry Making Hand tools and supplies.  All the basic tools used by Jewelers to create design and repair Jewelry, for Hobby and Crafts as well as electronic applications. Tools in this section include Pliers, Saw Frames, Cutters, Hand File and Needle Files, Hammers and Mallets, Shears, Tweezers, Ring Clamps, Chuck Handles and many more...

Our File line includes shapes and different styles of the Grobet - Vallorbe Line of Hand Files, Needle and Escapement files, with a range of sizes and cuts. We also do special orders of some unique shapes and cuts of files. 

We offer a selection of basic Pliers, Chain Nose, Flat and Round Nose along with specialty Wire Working, Metal Forming, Stone Setting, as well as Diagonal Cutters.  See our many Specialty Pliers, all Nylon made as well as Nylon Jaw pliers. Featured Brands include the Lindstrom line of Pliers and Cutters, Xuron Pliers and Shears and quality German Made pliers. 

Saw frames in different styles and throat sizes - for Hobby and Crafts to Professional Jewelers German Made quality saw frames. Looking for Jewelers Shears, Ring Clamps and Hand Chucks, Pin Vises, Tweezers for Diamonds and Gems, Bead Working, for Soldering and for special applications... you can see them in this section, all types and sizes.

Marking Ring Stamps and Punches, for Karat marking, Numbers and Alphabet, in Upper Case and Lower Case, Design Stamps see our full range.  We also make to order Custom Logo and Special Order Stamps.  

When it comes to Hammers and Mallets see our complete selection of:  Ball Peen - Chasing Hammers Flat face and Bowed - Brass and Plastic Hammers - Metal Smith Hammers all types Texturing, Forming, Embossing, Forming and Raising... Looking for Mallets all types and sizes, including Rawhide Leather, Nylon Polyethylene, Brass and Rubber, in various sizes and shapes.        

  • Ceramic Heat Plate Soldering Board

    Soldering Board Ceramic, use for welding and soldering as well as a protective heat plate, surface protection when melting on the bench. This ceramic board provides for a large surface to solder, can also be used for whenever melting metal as an...

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  •  Cotton Finger Guards

    Cotton Finger Guards

    Finger cots parts handling are comfortable cotton and elastic finger cots help protect your fingers as well as protect your skin, while adding support and security when holding and handling work pieces. These cotton guards are suitable for use in a wide...

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  •  Curved Copper Tweezers  8-1/2" Bent Tip

    Curved Copper Tweezers 8-1/2" Bent Tip

    Tweezers are made of Copper, a pickling tweezers has curved tips, body has a reinforcing rib which runs the length of the tweezers making it far more sturdy, easier to use and safer. The ribbed body provides more strength than ordinary copper tweezers...

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  •  Nylon Non-Marring Pliers

    Nylon Non-Marring Pliers

    Pliers are made of sturdy molded nylon and glass fibers These pliers are ideal for wire working, electronics repairs, solid state circuitry, laboratory and medical, jewelry, hobbies and crafts. Weighting only 1 Ounce each. Specification:   ...

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  • 1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    1 Lb. Brass Ergo Hammer

    DESCRIPTION: Brass head metal stamping hammer designed for metal stamping, forming and shaping projects. The Brass head is a Ball Peen style with a flat and ball peen. The weight of the hammer is 1pound with an ergonomically contoured handle, with a...

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  • 1 Lb. Brass Hammer W/Short Handle

    DESCRIPTION: A Brass hammer known as "Stubby" has a short rubber grip ergonomic  contoured handle allows for ease of use, pinpoint accuracy and greater control. Holding the hammer in your hand really feels good. The solid Brass Ball peen style...

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