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Rubber Sprue Bases and Gaskets

  • Graphite Gaskets 3" to 6"

    Graphite Gaskets 3" to 6"

    Graphite Gasket for use in Vacuum Casting for sealing of the flange and the casting chamber. Gasket are long lasting, can be used even when they wear down to almost paper thin. Graphite gaskets can be used in combination, along with silicone gaskets for...

    $7.06 - $9.55
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  • Silicone Rubber Gaskets

    High Grade Silicone gaskets are used during vacuum casting to seal perforated flask ring and casting chamber.   The Silicon acts as a sealing layer between the hot flask and the casting chamber flange adapter Gasket provides a good seal,...

    $4.50 - $11.50
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